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Privacy Policy

By reading this page you will be informed about the way your personal data, if any are being treated by Tetras S.A.

Collection of personal data

Tetras S.A. is a company registered in Greece under the Greek name «ΤΕΤΡΑΣ ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΜΗΧΑΝΟΛΟΓΙΚΗ ΑΝΩΝΥΜΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ ΜΕΛΕΤΩΝ» and the Greek distinctive title «ΤΕΤΡΑΣ Η/Μ Α.Ε.Μ.» TID 095169269 and company registration number (ΓΕΜΗ no) 009535501000, based in the city of Athens and headquarters currently located in 206, Patission (28 October) avenue, PC 11256 and email:

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Despite our best efforts to keep all date inside the company, we have partnered with hosting and web analytics vendors. For web analytics we use the Google analytics services and relevant terms of use are available here:

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Being a Greek company, we apply the applicable European and Greek legislation for the protection of personal data. Thus, the following principles are applicable:

  • Any collection and process of personal data will only take place pursuant to a contractual or legal obligation for the minimum period allowed by the applicable legislation.
  • We abide by the minimum data collection principle, which means that we will collect and process the data necessary to allow you to browse our website or to provide the service you have hired us to.
  • Any data collected via our website remain anonymous. Only way to collect any data that may lead back to you is by submitting the forms available on our website. Then, the previous rules shall apply.
  • We use our best efforts to verify and data collected by our company. However, you may contact us, in order to correct or delete all the data you ask us to, if this deletion is allowed by the law and our contractual relationship.
  • By submitting any data to our website forms, no client – advisor relationship is established. The only way to create such a relationship, is to accept the contract of professional services signed by the representative of our company. Conditio sine qua non to work with our company is to accept the terms of services and the privacy policy of Tetras S.A.
  • All data will be kept for the period the applicable legislation provided. Any data collected by us shall be deleted five (5) years after last being used by Tetras S.A.
  • In order to insure the security of the data collected by our company, we apply all reasonable technical measures, while we train our stuff to apply the interna corporis procedures.

Pursuant to the applicable personal data legislation, as personal data shall be treated any peace of information that leads or may lead back to any natural person, which is called as “data subject”.

Every data subject has the following rights, pursuant to the applicable legislation:

  • Access of data right.
  • Correction of data right.
  • Deletion of data right.
  • Restrict of process of data right.
  • Withdraw of consent giver for process of personal data.
  • In case of data breach, we shall inform you immediately.

In case you consider that we refrain from abiding to the applicable legislation, you may contact us at our email address or you may file a complaint at the Hellenic data protection authority online at